Myth: Fat is bad

Reality: In the 80s, the “low-fat craze” really affected how people thought about nutrition and the importance of fat in our diet was unfortunately dismissed until recent years. The fact is, fat, like the other macronutrients (protein and carbohydrates), is important in our diets. Fat is an essential component of our cell membranes and hormones, it’s needed for the absorption of certain vitamins, and it helps us feel full and satiated for longer. Some delicious and heart-healthy fats we should all incorporate in our diets include oils such as canola or olive oil; nuts and seeds; and, fatty fish, such as salmon. Even butter or other fats are okay in moderation! Deprivation is never the answer to living healthy and happy.

Myth: You need to drink 64oz of water every day

Reality: Everyone is different! Honestly, the best way to check your hydration is to peek at the toilet before flushing. The color of urine in a hydrated person should be a very light yellow (think lemonade). And, speaking of lemonade, there are other ways to increase hydration levels aside from drinking tap water. Sparkling water, lemonade and tea all count toward hydration goals as well as fruits and vegetables with high water concentration like cucumbers, watermelon, and tomatoes. To learn more about the variety of ways to achieve your hydration goals, watch this video made by one of our Johns Hopkins dietetic interns, Abby.

Myth: “Detox drinks” improve health

Reality: Detoxing is something your body naturally does. Save the $10 you were going to spend on that green juice and instead have some gratitude for your liver and kidney, because if you have those organs, your body is already doing what it needs to detox. Additionally, many of the fresh-pressed juices advertised as detox drinks have lost a key nutrient: Fiber. Fiber is important in our diets because it lowers the risk for developing chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes and can help one achieve/maintain a healthy weight given that it helps you feel full and satisfied longer. If you really like the idea of having a “green drink”, make a smoothie instead so you can get some healthy fats and fiber in your body as well. 

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