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Our 34th Year of Service in Review

James’s Story – Featured in Annual Report 2023

James, a long-time client of Moveable Feast, is quick to describe the food security and support that the organization provides as a gift. Before joining the program, James’ terminal illness left him depressed and filled with unanswered questions. He had lost his appetite but knew that he needed nutritious foods to be able to stay as well as possible. When Moveable Feast intervened, he received a lifeline.

Having experienced a lifetime of food insecurity while also a long-term kidney patient, this service was a true blessing. Recipes tailored to his specific health challenges and medically tailored meals delivered to his door took the guesswork out of the food equation. All he had to do was follow the path laid out before him. The stress of finding his next meal or keeping fresh food in his refrigerator began to dissipate. He didn’t feel so alone — someone was there to bring him nourishment, feeding his body and his spirit. Without the constant weight of anxiety, he could focus on making the kind of life changes he needed to survive.

Since his transition to receiving dialysis in 2018, James’ life is consumed with the daily tasks required to maintain his health and wellness. When asked how he manages on the hard days, he says, “With them [Moveable Feast], there IS no difficult day!” It is a sentiment that resonates deeply with his loving family; checking to be sure he has eaten or questioning whether he has enough food is no longer a daily concern. Instead, they can focus on all the other ways they can support him.

James also attends meetings at Moveable Feast — events that provide companionship and joy, along with a delicious lunch. James explains that when he attends these meetings, he is always greeted by a handshake or a hug, a reality he has never experienced by any other organization. He recounts, “Oh my goodness! It makes such a difference. I’m in here with people that care about me.”

And, if he has a question, he picks up the phone and calls the staff at Moveable Feast. If he has a worry, he calls. If he simply wants to talk to someone, he calls. The kind of support and genuine care offered by his Moveable Feast “family” has become James’ constant in this turbulent season of life.

As he awaits a life-changing phone call for a new kidney, he puts his best effort forward to become a good candidate. He may not know what the future will deliver but hearing that his blood test results are moving in a healthier direction gives him the solace he used to crave, thanks to his partnership with Moveable Feast.

Because of your compassion for those who are chronically ill and in need of healthy and nutritious food, Moveable Feast helped to maintain quality of life for thousands of individuals in our community over the past year. For everyone that we serve, FOOD IS MEDICINE.

Thank you for being a part of the movement to FEED people, FORTIFY health, and FOSTER hope!

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