Annual Report

Our 33rd Year of Service in Review

Because of your compassion for those who are chronically ill and in need of healthy and nutritious food, Moveable Feast helped to maintain quality of life for thousands of individuals in our community over the past year. For everyone that we serve, FOOD IS MEDICINE.

Thank you for being a part of the movement to FEED people, FORTIFY health, and FOSTER hope!

Moveable Feast Audit Package 2021

Moveable Feast Audit Package 2020

Moveable Feast 990 Final Package 2020

Moveable Feast Audit Package 2019

Moveable Feast 990 Final Package 2019

Moveable Feast Audit Package 2018

Moveable Feast 990 Final Package 2018

Moveable Feast Audit Package 2017

Moveable Feast 990 Final Package 2017


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