Rose recalls the day in February of this year when her Moveable Feast driver showed up with her first delivery of meals. “I became overwhelmed with joy,” she said. It’s been a long journey for her the past couple years, and worrying about food would no longer be a concern.

In 2018, Rose was working nonstop because she loved helping others. During the day she assisted individuals with disabilities in finding employment. At night she worked for Catholic Charities as a house counselor. And in between those jobs, she found time to sell Mary Kay cosmetics.

But then her mother became seriously ill and she traveled overseas to be with her. A month later she passed away, and Rose took her home to Nigeria for her burial. “It was a lot of stress,” she said.

On the flight back to Baltimore, Rose suffered from a stroke and was rushed to the hospital upon landing. The stroke affected her mobility on her left side and she was unable to speak. Scans revealed she had a tumor resting on her spinal cord and she opted for radiation instead of surgery. “It was a shock to me not to be able to do anything,” she says.

Intense therapy has helped Rose get back on her feet, literally. She has better mobility and walks with the use of a cane or walker. Her speech has greatly improved, and since she lives alone she has assistance from a home health worker to help her get ready in the mornings.

“Sometimes I cry because I’m on the other side of the spectrum,” says Rose, who worked many years providing services to those in need. During a recent appointment with her neurologist, she learned her tumor still exists. “I might have to go through chemo,” she says. “I have to keep my spirits up. I have hope.”

Make a donation today to support Rose at www.mfeast.org/donate-now.

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