In this ever-changing environment, Moveable Feast’s mission and dedication to providing free, home-delivered meals to Maryland’s more vulnerable residents has not changed. Our work is even more crucial during a time like this, as many of our critically ill clients are home bound, living well below the poverty line, and may not have immediate access to food.

I know many of you, in this last week, may have experienced a feeling of panic when unable to get essentials during your recent grocery shopping trips or while searching online retailers. Imagine that same feeling every day of the year. That is why I am asking that you make a donation today.


Of our clients, 67% are over the age of 55, and many are immunocompromised – making them an extremely vulnerable population to COVID-19. Many are hesitant to leave their homes or interact with others.
Your support will allow us to continue to serve our clients through the coming weeks and months.


In a typical year, I would be emailing you today to ask for your support of Ride for the Feast, our largest fundraising event, which was scheduled for May 2-3. However, we have made the difficult decision not to host this financially critical event in the best interest of our event participants and the community at large. This unexpected change has a significant and immediate impact on our organization’s financial capacity to serve our clients. I ask that you continue to support the work of Moveable Feast while we work towards a conclusive decision about the Ride for 2020 whether it be a postponement, cancellation or a new concept.


Now more than ever, we need your support. Without it, we cannot continue to serve the most vulnerable members in our communities. I ask that you please donate today, as generously as you can, at www.mfeast.org, and share our need for support with your family, friends, and colleagues. During this unprecedented time, we are truly all in this together.




Interim Executive Director


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