In 1989, during the height of the AIDS epidemic, Moveable Feast was founded to deliver nutritious meals to those living with HIV/AIDS.  Our clients were largely members of the LGBTQ community and people of color. Our mission was clear:  Feed People. Fight Disease. Foster Hope.

The AIDS crisis was in many ways a struggle for justice, equality, and dignity. Three decades later, that fight remains in our blood and at the very core of who we are. 

As long as our doors remain open, Moveable Feast will continue to fight against the plague of racism and discrimination of any kind. Today, and every day, we stand proudly and without reservation with the Black community and those who lend their voices in protest against brutality. 

Justice, equality, and dignity remain our values. Serving nutritious, life-saving meals to those in need remains our mission.  Fostering hope remains our purpose.  And our clients, staff and communities remain our priority.

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