Ever wonder what our client’s think of the medically-tailored meals they receive? During a client home visit recently, Community Dietitian Olivia Massa was told our meal program “a real godsend”. She also said that not only are they tasty but that they are also nutritious and a good portion size.

This comment along with others from clients is incredibly important to our Nutrition Team and chefs. Over the past six months they have been working hard revising some of our meals to improve their nutrition factor. Shefali Buch RD LDN and Executive Chef Melanie Brown-Lane combined their nutrition knowledge and culinary skills to change some of the ingredients to meals. They found lower sodium alternatives, sourced new protein products, and added different grains such as quinoa.

Buch says our clients find the new meals to be heartier, which she attributes to a higher amount of protein and fiber these contain. “Our clients require a lot more protein due to their conditions. If the only thing they are eating each day is two of our meals, they’re receiving close to the daily requirements.”

Working to make these recipe adjustments and keep our medically-tailored meals as flavorful as possible was the task of Brown-Lane, who has worked as Moveable Feast’s Executive Chef for nearly four years. “It was definitely a new motivation to do it right,” she says. “It was a challenge, but in a good way.”

They’re both pleased to hear clients are enjoying the new meals, and they know many clients are trying new foods for the first time. “We’re creating more of an experience with these meals,” said Brown-Lane.

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