We serve those who need strength. We serve those fighting life-threatening illnesses: AIDS/HIV, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease. For most of our clients, access to healthy and nutritious meals is non-existent. Most do not have the money or strength to buy and make meals that will fuel their bodies and help fight their illness.


That’s where we come in. We provide medicine in the form of food. Through our home delivery meal service, we are able to supply our clients with nutritious meals that can help to strengthen their bodies and better fight their diseases.


We have three Registered Dietitians on staff that meet with each and every client that we serve. Our dietitians assess our clients, giving them a better understanding of their food preferences, current diet, and health conditions. This allows us to properly assign our clients to a specific diet to meet their needs. Our dietitians create meal options that also use fresh fruits and vegetables from our community garden and local community farm partners.


During the first client meeting with our dietitian, they create a nutrition plan based on assessment which takes into account the client’s BMI. The nutrition plan also includes goal-setting, which provides them an opportunity to set their own, manageable goals.


As well as providing our clients with up to 18 healthy meals a week, we also provide fresh fruit and vegetables. Through good nutrition, 83% of our clients have been able to maintain or improve their symptom management!
Our meal delivery service is so much more than just dropping off food. We put an incredible amount of time and dedication behind each and every meal we serve to our clients. Because we want to show them that we care and are here to support them in their time of need. Learn more about our program here.

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