2018 is already on target to be an incredible year for us at Moveable Feast. Thanks to your support during our Capital Campaign, we have been able to renovate our East Baltimore facilities. Because of these renovations, we will now be able to better utilize our space! We created a new volunteer training and education area and transformed our underused grocery room into a prep and baking kitchen and made many other improvements.


Phase II of our Capital Campaign is currently underway! This next phase of our campaign is essential to our impact and who we can serve. Our plans are to expand on the Eastern Shore. We know there is a need for our services on the shore, but our current location and bandwidth prevents us from meeting the demand of those in need. Thanks to your help, we will soon be able to serve nutritious meals to those who need it most by opening a permanent storage and distribution center!


Opening our own storage and distribution site will enable us to deliver 200,000 meals to 200 people annually on the Eastern Shore alone and will improve our efficiency and service quality.


It’s your work and support that have gotten us this far. Thank you for helping us FEED people, FIGHT hunger and FOSTER hope.

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