About Moveable Feast

IN 1989, AN HIV DIAGNOSIS WAS, IN EFFECT, A DEATH SENTENCE. Research on treatment of HIV was scarce, and resources were hard to find. The Internet did not exist, and AIDS patients were often isolated and under-informed about their condition.

  • 1989





    Bob Mehl, employee of the BCHD, negotiates a grant of $21k from Mayor Kurt Schmoke and the Baltimore City Health Dept. help to launch Moveable Feast. He is joined by 6 others in founding Moveable Feast: Joey Myers, Skip Harting, Shaun Carrick, Dr. David Glasser, Yvonne Vinney and Ester Baker.

    August 25: Moveable Feast officially serves its first meal to 10 homebound individuals living with AIDS.

  • 1990

    Early years of the organization are spent in the Lutheran School, Heritage United Church of Christ, Waverly Presbyterian Church, Haussners Restaurant and St. Benedict’s Catholic Church.

    Moveable Feast hires its first 3 paid employees- but still depends heavily on individuals to volunteer their time and talent to its mission. Mr. Joey Myers serves as the first Executive Director (1990-1994). Mr. Jim Williams serves as Executive Director (1994- 2001). Mr. Tom Patrick will serve as the Volunteer Manager at Moveable Feast until 2014.

  • 1995

    Moveable Feast expands its services and successfully partners with Ryan White Medical Transportation and Groceries To Go. Mr. Vic Basile serves as Executive Director (2001-2007).

  • 1998

    Moveable Feast receives a grant from the Governor Glendenning’s office to provide home delivered meals on Maryland’s eastern shore, serving individuals with HIV/AIDS.

    Moveable Feast manages the “People On the Move” transportation training program: hiring and training individuals with HIV to provide transport to work for formerly homeless individuals.

  • 2003

    Home food delivery service is extended to breast cancer patients. In the following years, we’ve expanded our services to people struggling with an even broader range of life threatening illnesses.

  • 2006

    Moveable Feast partners with Historic East Baltimore Community Action Agency (HEBCAC) for a $9M renovation to a historic warehouse building at 901 N Milton Ave. Moveable Feast is asked by the Susan G. Komen Foundation to provide home delivered meals and groceries to families impacted by breast cancer.

  • 2007


    Mr. Tom Bonderenko is hired as the Executive Director of Moveable Feast (2007-2016).

  • 2012


    Moveable Feast redefines its services for individuals who have a life threatening illness and who cannot afford, access or have the ability to prepare healthy nutritious food for themselves.

  • !


    Moveable Feast opens a satellite distribution center in partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Easton, at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Hurlock, Md., In recognition of its 25 years of service in the community, the Board of Directors launches its first Capital Campaign to raise $2.5M in order to Sustain the Feast and Secure the Future of the organization for the next 25 years.

  • 2016


    Mr. Christian Metzger is hired as the Executive Director of Moveable Feast (2016 – present)