This April is Community Service Month, which is a fantastic reason to start getting involved in your community.


Right here in your local community, Baltimore, there are many people who need your help. Moveable Feast is doing our part to help those who are dealing with life-threatening illnesses to give them nutritious meals on a day-to-day basis.


Treatment for cancer, HIV, heart disease, is extremely expensive and burdensome for most people. We are trying to not only ease some of their expenses by providing three meals a day, every day … but also provide people with medical nutrition therapy to ensure that their bodies have the nutrients they need to help fight their disease.


Won’t you join us to help these people who need our support? When you volunteer at Moveable Feast, you can help prepare and package meals, work in the garden, or assist with deliveries. You’re sure to find a volunteer opportunity that suits your interests and schedule!


Group volunteering is also welcome! Volunteering as a group fosters cooperation and bonding among the members, and is also a fun and unforgettable experience.


Groups of up to 15 (age 14 or older) are welcomed in the kitchen, and groups of up to 5 can help out in the garden. Make Moveable Feast part of your next corporate or organizational retreat or all-staff meeting!


To learn more, please visit and see what volunteering options are available to you at Moveable Feast!