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Because of your compassion for those who are critically ill and in need of healthy and nutritious food, the year Moveable Feast helped to maintain quality of life for thousands of individuals in our community. For every one of them, FOOD IS MEDICINE. Our mission is simple and sensible: if you eat well you stay healthy, even in the face of your illness. That means our clients have improved health outcome, fewer opportunistic infections, reduced hospitalizations, less dependence on an emergency room for primary health care, all resulting in lower health care costs for us all!

Thank you for helping us to FEED people, FIGHT disease and FOSTER hope!

Moveable Feast Audit Package 2016

Moveable Feast 990 Final Package – 2016

Moveable Feast 990 Final Package – 2015

Annual Report – 2014

Moveable Feast – IRS 990

Who we serve

Individuals who have critical and life-threatening illness which prevents them from accessing, affording or preparing medically appropriate meals for themselves.

Government Grants: 30%
Ride For the Feast & Dining Out For Life 22.8%
Contracted Services 17.1%
Foundations & Corporations 12.3%
Annual Fund 8.2%
Special Events 1.1%
Food Costs % Services 70.2%
General Operations 11.6%
Resource Development 11.4%
Medical Transportation 3.7%
Culinary Training 3.1%

Volunteer statistics

Individual Volunteers
Individual Volunteer Hours
Monetary Value of Volunteer Hours

Medical Nutritional Counseling

Our 3 dietitians provided 2,250 counseling sessions to 605 clients.

Culinary Training statistics

Students Accepted into Program

Students who Completed Program

Students who received ServSafe Certification

Students Employed after Completion of Program

111,036 Bags of Groceries

38,499 Produce Bags

20,228 Nutritional Supplements

1,729 Total Clients Served

31,522 Meals

1,569 Total Clients Served

134,335 Meals

984 Total Clients Served